Mary Jo is the founder and president of the Academy. A nurse/educator/counselor by profession, she considers parenting her kids to be her first and most important career. The mission of AAH - to reach out to kids, one kid at a time, is her passion and great joy in life. She has presented over 500 workshops on Adolescent Sexuality, Teen Pregnancy, Interactive Teaching Techniques, and Learning Tools to Help Teens "Own" a Message of Healthy Sexuality. The foundation of her philosophy is respect for each of her students, their parents, her staff, and the diverse community in which we all live.





  • Maribeth Tarpley-Garrett, BSN, Education Coordinator


  • Heather Crowe, BSW, LCCE, Associate Director, Mentoring
  • Karen McFedries, BS, ICCE, LCCE, Mentoring Coordinator
  • John Kulik, MSW
  • Cora Mittchell, BSW Candidate
  • Farrah Doman, BSW, LCCE
  • Amy Podgurski-Gough BS, LCCE

Office Administration:

  • Linda Adkins, Office and Community Coordinator
  • Rich Pogurski, CFO