POWER is an in-school abstinence program that targets students of both genders from fifth to eighth grade.  POWER, Positive Options for Waiting through Education for Real life, is a precursor for the PPP (Postpone, Prevent, Prepare) Program and focuses on abstinence education.  Parent focus groups have shown that adults in our community are most comfortable with this focus when their children are young.


The focal point of the POWERSM Program is skill building.  Refusal skills, communication skills, and problem solving and decision-making skills combine to assist young people make healthy choices.  Peer pressure to initiate sexual involvement as well as coping with media and the Internet in a sexualized society are addressed and countered with interactive learning activities to enhance self-worth and awareness of risk.  Myths and misinformation about sexuality are dispelled with a foal of developing positive sexual health for young people.


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